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Portraits on the Way by Hanna Quevedo

Just a little something I did for school:

The exhibition ‘Portraits on the Way’ by internationally acclaimed photographer Hanna Quevedo is currently showing in Fuengirola. Hosted by the local photography collective Colectivo Imagen, it aims to capture contemporary America through the portrayal of people’s lives, feelings and beliefs. Ms. Quevedo’s style of photography leaves much to the imagination with each picture merely hinting at a narrative. As said by a visitor: “It’s interesting to make up a story behind each portrait.”

The exhibition consists of a sample of 20 pictures taken by Ms Quevedo from various parts of the United States. It takes the viewer on a tour through San Francisco, Texas, Denver and New York and is a display of cultural diversity as well as an illustration of individuals from different social and economical backgrounds. According to Ms Quevedo there are so many stories behind each photograph that they can’t be counted. Photos range from traditional family portraits to snapshots of people at work or at the playground.

The 29 year old photographer is a Senior Technician in Artistic Photography and has a Bachelor of Arts from the University in Malaga. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and has received awards globally. Currently she is located in San Francisco, California, where she is a professional photographer and editor.

Visitors to the studio of Colectivo Imagen might find it difficult to locate. It lies on an inner yard in Puebla Lucía, a group of houses clustered around a lush garden, on Calle Maestra Aspiazu. One must knock on the indistinctive door of number 21 to gain admittance. The ambiance of the studio is also different from what can be expected. As it is used for both exhibitions and courses in photography or photo processing, one may have to view the collection in what appears more of a class room environment.


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