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At the office

One of the first things I missed when I stopped working was the office. Just going there, getting into the routines. In the morning, you would say goodmorning to everyone, sit and work for a bit while eating breakast (which everyone did) and then after half an hour or so going up to get a coffee. The best coffee breaks were the ones where you were followed by a colleague, giving you the opportunity to catch up on gossip. Then there was the computer, my lovely two screens and all the papers that lay scattered around my desk. No matter how much I disliked my work, the office was always safe, always there for you. A little like a second home, seeing how much time I spent in it.

But sometimes old routines must change. I’m here in Spain now and studying, not working. My mornings still include the coffee, but that’s just about the only similarity between my old office and my new one. I now start out with catching up on what has happened in the world and try to read as much interesting I can in a few hours. After that, it’s all really up to me. Today I set up my office at the beach. It was windy but the sun was warm and the sea as blue as always.

Changing routines and old habits can be a painful, stressful and even sad process. But with a little courage, a little creativity and a lot of will, it is possible to make new routines and actually find them much more rewarding than the old ones.


2 comments on “At the office

  1. slamdunk
    February 24, 2010

    Wow that is an adjustment, but it sounds like things are just great there.

  2. Vicks
    February 24, 2010

    Thanks so much for your beautiful post. I have actually just lost my job which means that my routine has changed very suddenly. I am trying to look on the positive side and look for a job more suited to me.

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