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Caught in the rain

Last week I wrote a post on the unusually cold weather many places are seeing today. We do have it here as well, with much more rain than normal. Most people comment on the weather by shaking their heads saying “This is not how the weather usually is”, and there are often stories about houses being flooded.

I must admit, I like snow better than rain. Especially here, where rain makes the tiles all over the city slippery so I have to get used to the humiliation of nearly falling over every time I go out. So I’m a little sad, this particular winter I had a chance of being in the snow but exchanged it for rain. I thought it was a good deal, that I would for sure be getting sun instead of the usual Copenhagen rain.

The other day there was sun again. All of a sudden, the town was transformed; the sea front crowded with people and everyone looked happy. It was the feeling of Sweden in the summer; as it is usually pretty brief and ureliable everyone runs out to get the sunshine whenever there is some. Of course, the bonus of being here is that the time until the summer really kicks off is just a short wait away. I’m sure I can wait just a little longer.


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This entry was posted on February 22, 2010 by in Life.
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