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In search of collectibles

Since I was young, I have always wanted to be a collector. In the beginning it was stamps, an interest that faded as soon as I realised it was “only for geeks”. Then it moved on to other things; soaps, which reached a total of two nice soaps; miniature houses, which was endorsed by mom who bought me a pair but that was as many as I ever collected; flags, which also reached a total of two; dragons, which reached a total of three; stickers, which reached a staggering total of one. I don’t think that I, other than the stamp collection, have ever managed to collect more than two or three items before either forgetting about it or given it up.

My newest collection consists of one (1) fridge magnet. My boyfriend has a collection of fridge magnets and as I saw a nice little magnet from Spain I thought I should join in. There are a set of rules linked to my boyfriend’s collection. On the first time you visit a country, you may buy one fridge magnet from that country. On the second time you go there, you are allowed to buy one fridge magnet for the city or the place you’re visiting. On the third time you go there, you are allowed another magnet for a place you go to on a day trip. I stated that as I was far behind on my collection I was allowed to buy a magnet for each place I visited here in Spain, as the rules must apply differently when you are actually living in the country. We fell out over this; my collection was labeled a disgrace to fridge-magnet-collections, rule-breaking as it was. It has been banished from the fridge and instead has to sit on the freezer. I have one fridge magnet and already this humble collection is an abomination.

So fridge magnets may not be for me after all. The search continues while I look for an item I will actually remember when I go travelling without upsetting my boyfriend. For now, it will have to do with simple calculations. Last year I visited nine different countries (including countries where I lived) of which three were new and I went to paradise once. I moved to the sixth country I’ve ever lived in (defining “living” as a stay longer than holiday and with no return ticket booked). It was a good year. I wonder which numbers I will be collecting at the end of this one.


2 comments on “In search of collectibles

  1. Nai
    February 7, 2010

    Haha, wonderful. But you already have the traveling-collection going on! Don’t you remember the snow globes?

    • zorindha
      February 7, 2010

      Mmm yes, that reached a total of two… One of which was smashed, so it is down to just one now. It’s very easy to find tacky snow-globes, but that would leave me with a collection I wouldn’t want to show to people. When my second snow-globe was smashed, the person who did it exclaimed “but it was just so tacky!”…

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