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Down the bin

I was inspired to write something about break-ups after a friend was recently nudged by the old “it’s not you, it’s me” trick. Don’t want commitment, it’s my fault not yours. Yes, we know. Of course we know, in time we will realize that only a loser can utter that sentence and that we are better off without this person. But in the beginning, when all we feel is sadness and low self-esteem, we don’t know. We mourn. We think about how the world would be if only we were good enough to make these people commit or at least work on their problems. And that in itself leads to more mourning.

It’s up to the loving friends of the victim to make sure they can go through the first stage as quickly and painlessly as possible. They have to patiently describe that he or she is only a mere victim to a person who caught the ‘29-year-old-bastard-syndrome’. However make no mistake, it strikes at all ages, this is just a name that works for my friend right now. The victims are definitely better off, because the symptoms of this illness of patheticness start with feeble excuses and end with impenetrable scales developing all over the body. Honestly. Or at least that’s what we can tell our friends who have become victims of people dumping with this fine trick.


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This entry was posted on February 5, 2010 by in Relationships.
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